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Thomas Comprehensive Counseling Services, Inc.

Is a private professional firm devoted to all areas of forensic, vocational, psychological and substance abuse research, counseling and rehabilitation currently serving disabled and injured workers in the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland..

There is not one area of an alcoholic's or addicts life that is left unaffected by their addiction. Work and family life, emotional, psychological and physical health, sexual, financial and social aspects--everything is influenced by this disease which runs rampant in every socio-economic strata of our society. It may be difficult for those affected to believe, but a phone call to Thomas Comprehensive Counseling Services is what it takes to get help for yourself or someone you care about.

The caring professionals at Thomas Comprehensive Counseling Services offer a comprehensive adult outpatient treatment program in Spanish and English. Alcohol and drug treatment programs and counseling are provided, and 24-hour help is always available. Generally, these include individuals, group, recreational, occupational and spiritual therapies. DUI and motor vehicle administration classes are offered throughout Maryland, satisfying the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA).

Thomas Comprehensive Counseling Services also offers free consultation, family treatment and relapse prevention in a very flexible year-round schedule, seven days a week, including Christmas, Thanksgiving and all other holidays. The specialized counseling programs have helped many individuals overcome their addiction. If there is a decision to be made in your own life, give us a call and the understanding staff will show you the road to recovery.

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